CHASE-2007 Conference on Hacking and Security
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CHASE-2009 | Conference On Hacking And Security
Friday-Tuesday, November 06-10, 2009, Lahore.


This page is temporarily hosted here. This would be posted on its own website in due course of time.

There was a time when takhtees with qalm, dawat and other paraphernalia were part and parcel of the bags of the school-going children. Teachers used these takhtees to give lessons in improving handwriting of Urdu language to their pupils. Students also used them to practise their handwriting. One would wash these takhtees after reaching home and then reuse them again. Teachers would also give home assignments to be done on takhtees. As a result students made effort to practise and improve their handwriting. Students also used a special G-nib with a special holder to practise writing English.

Two years ago, when I searched for a school in Lahore to enroll my child, I was astonished to discover that even public schools have done away with takhtees. I talked to a school teacher about the idea of using takhtees and she was in complete agreement about its usefulness. However, she said that their school management would not let her do this. Why? She replied that probably the management was shy of school being labeled as a backward school!

So, the use of takhtees has been abandoned without any obvious reason. Probably with more recent emphasis on learning English language has pushed back the desire to learn our own language and with this, the use of takhtee. Perhaps, in the quest for so-called modernization, we have ridden our younger generation of this important tool, which was once a symbol of a Pakistani school.

Apart from being part of our culture, if you think, not only does takhtee help improve your handwriting, it is economical in use as well; you can use it as many times during its lifetime as you like. Our whole nation can be literate in a very low budget if everyone can just learn to read and write on takhtee. It is environment friendly as no paper waste is involved.

If we bring back takhtees in our school, it would really help improve quality of our education. Assignments related to Urdu in the primary and elementary school can be given on takhtee.

If you have ideas and would like to join hands, please write us at:

takhtee AT chase DOT org DOT pk

For those, who wonder what a takhtee is, we plan to update this page with pictures and movies to give you a description of takhtee, qalm, dawat, imla and related paraphernalia. For a brief description now, takhtee is a wooden slate, qalm is a pen made with reef, dawat is inkpot made with ink and a piece of cloth, imla is writing on takhtee with lead pencil to be traced by the student with qalm.
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