CHASE-2006 Conference on Hacking and Security
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Call for Papers
Call for papers for CHASE-2009 is open. Please submit your papers as early as possible. Deadline is Friday September 04, 2009.

There are four tracks of training available in CHASE-2009. Discount applicable if you register early. Please see details here.

International Participants
Partial or full travel funding is available for speakers coming from outside of Pakistan. FREE boarding and lodging for all the international participants. Please see details here.

If you wish to attend the talks or would like to attend the trainings, please register here as early as possible. Discount applicable if you register early.

Free Internet and Gaming
Free access to the Internet will be provided during the event. Further, there is an arrangement of bzflag gaming competition among the interested participants.

Open Source Resource Center - PSEB

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CHASE-2009 | Conference On Hacking And Security
Friday-Tuesday, November 06-10, 2009, Lahore.


Would Like to Sponsor CHASE-2009?
CHASE is an important and premier event of Pakistan which is attended by a substantial number of academics, students, professionals from both private enterprises and government departments including those of security, defence and intelligence agencies of Pakistan. Previous events have been covered by press and CHASE-2009 is set to get better attention.

If you would like to be partner with CHASE-2009 by way of sponsorship, please drop us an email at the following address:

chase AT chase DOT org DOT pk

Current Sponsors
Currently CHASE-2009 is being sponsored by the following:

Open Source Resource Center

OSRC is the main sponsor of CHASE-2009.
The Open Source Resource Center (OSRC) is a project of the Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB), Ministry of Information Technology. It is based in Islamabad, the federal capital of Pakistan. The project began in 2003 with an objective to promote and support open source initiatives in the country.

OSRC’s core objectives include:
  • Raising public awareness about open source solutions
  • Decreasing dependency on proprietary software
  • Effectively addressing issues regarding Intellectual Property Rights
  • Decreasing software deployment costs in the public, private and non-profit sector
OSRC is currently carrying out the following activities:
  • Conducting open source awareness-raising seminars.
  • Conducting basic and advanced level training in major open source applications.
  • Encouraging localization and research and development on open source software in local universities with international collaboration.
  • Collecting and disseminating information and data on the adoption of open source in Pakistan.
  • Providing technical and financial assistance to organizations planning to migrate to open source software.
  • Developing training material for major open source applications.
  • Collaborating and cooperating with open source organizations worldwide in general, and in the Asia region in particular.
  • Participating in activities which promote open source in Pakistan.
You can reach OSRC at the following link:


Esecurity is the official training partner for CHASE-2009

Initial help and main sponsorship has been provided by Esecurity. Esecurity is one of the foremost organizations of the country which went into the network security business. In an environment in Pakistan where there is much need for good professionals, Esecurity provides valuable services in many important areas of security ranging from security auditing, penetration testing and design and implementation of security policies to various kinds of trainings. Esecurity can be contacted via:

esecurity AT esecurity DOT com DOT pk


Netmag is the official media partner for CHASE-2009

Netmag is one of the premier monthly magazines of Pakistan based in Lahore. It may well also be called the first computer and internet magazine of Pakistan. The magazine has come of age since its inception a long time ago and now has a vast readership both in Pakistan and abroad. It has covered and reported on many important events of national importance. The Edit-in-Chief of NETMAG is Mr. Amir A. Khan and he can be reached at:

amir AT netmag DOT com DOT pk.


Nexlinx is the official Internet provider for CHASE-2009

Nexlinx is one of the largest Internet Service Providers in Pakistan. It was established in 1996 as one of the first ISPs in Pakistan with a clear vision to provide high quality yet economically priced data services in the country. Nexlinx is the leader in Internet based communications and can provide Dialup , ISDN , DSL as well as Wireless Broadband access solutions.

You can reach Nexlinx at the following link:

We expect more people and organizations to come forward and support this event.

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