CHASE-2006 Conference on Hacking and Security
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Call for papers for CHASE-2009 is open. Please submit your papers as early as possible. Deadline is Friday September 04, 2009.

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Free Internet and Gaming
Free access to the Internet will be provided during the event. Further, there is an arrangement of bzflag gaming competition among the interested participants.

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CHASE-2009 | Conference On Hacking And Security
Friday-Tuesday, November 06-10, 2009, Lahore.

CHASE-2006 Archives

CHASE-2006 was held on Friday December 22, 2006. All the presentations made are available for download below.

Keynote Address
Mr. Ammar Jaffery

A Synopsis of Intrusion Detection Systems
Mr. Khurram Bhatti and Mr. Atif Shehzad

ARP Games - Playing Man In The Middle Or Knocking Off With DoS
Mr. Muhammad Farooq-i-Azam

Free and Open Source Software -- Initiatives Taken By the Government of Pakistan
Mr. Sufyan Kakakhel and Mr. Muhammad Babar Haq

Social Engineering - A Hidden Threat to Network Security
Mr. Muhammad Arslan Ali

Snort - The Open Source IDS Tool
Mr. Khurram Bhatti

VOIP Weaknesses: How Technology Has Taken A Step Back
Mr. Omar Khushnood

Improving Linux Security
Mr. M.B.G Suranga De Silva and Mr. Shantha Fernando

Computer and Internet Security: A FOSS Perspective
Mr. Fouad Riaz Bajwa

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